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Bonjour! I am Sabine, a clairvoyant girl, I can help you in your development, so you feel so well in you and develop a life you completely love







I am helping sensitive persons or anyone who wish to have a life they completely love by doing their inner work.  I help you to:

♡ 1st: develop a life you completely love

with readings and healings (+ practices for you to do)

♡ 2nd: physically feel so well in you 
with iridology & phytotherapy









































I offer online Readings + healings, so we can know where you are in your journey, and help you to arrive to a complete transparency in you with who you are, address all the inner work that needs to be done to help you arrive to a life you completely love







I offer online iridology and phytotherapy consultations so you can feel so well in you. 













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about me:


I am Sabine 


Since little, I am ultra sensitive to unnatural food and water, to energies, and I always have been so understanding for everything, which is a little bit too much.  After becoming a channel to help and support my mother in transforming her traumas from 3 years old up to 6 , at 8 years old, I was being asked by the spirit guides of my dad to take on the ancestral responsibility of my dad and shift it because he could not doing it. 

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