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developing a life you completely love,

developing your Clairs, and 

so much more

 Bonjour! I am Sabine, a clairvoyant girl, I will help you in your development, so you feel so well in you and live a life you completely love







I am helping sensitive persons or persons who wish to have a life they completely love by doing their inner work.  I help you to:

♡ 1st: live a life you completely love

with readings and healing

♡ 2nd: physically feel so well in you 
with iridology & phytotherapy 
































I offer online Readings + healings, so we can know where you are in your journey, and help you to arrive to a complete transparency in you with who you are, address all the inner work that needs to be done to help you arrive to a life you completely love







I offer online iridology and phytotherapy consultations so you can feel so well in you. 













Would love to receive guidance each month ? Join my mini reading in which you can ask one question each month: receive a personal guidance and a mini practice to do as inner work  

about me:


I am Sabine 


Since little, I am ultra sensitive to unnatural food and water, to energies, and I always was very understanding for everything maybe a little bit too much.  After supporting my mother's traumas from 3 years old up to 6 , at 8 years old, I was being asked by the spirit guides of my dad to take on the ancestral responsibility of my dad and shift it because he could not doing it.  So, up to 14 years old I completed that task and my body became completely frozen and traumatised by this task up to 18 years.  I experienced a delay in my own path and that is why I always felt that I did not really live a life for me, little or teenager or by doing what we do at these ages. 

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