I am Sabine a highly sensitive woman, a leading woman and a clairvoyant.


I grew up as a highly sensitive woman.  My father is highly sensitive too and as he had a lot of traumas in his cells, he chose to die.  My mother is highly sensitive as well.

I know, now, that I have chosen this family to show how being highly sensitive is ultra beautiful and how we can have each of our cells transparent again, without traumas and toxicity so we can become a leading woman and working and living from what we LOVE.


My story:

In my teenage years I chose anorexia as my body was too sensitive to anything that was not natural, the food in the usual supermarket was not designed for my ultra sensitive body.

I struggled with co-dependency for all my life until my thirties.  I never fit in and I was very shocked on how so many abuses take place at workplaces and within relationships, I then chose parties, alcohol and addictions to calm my ultra sensitivity.

I passed through all these experiences by feeling my emotions and by getting closer than ever with the vegetal world.  I had a severe eczema and felt in love with plants who softened my nerves and made my organs and systems back to an alkaline state.

(Listen to my Story on the Spirit Girls podcast “Episode 71: Ultra-Sensitive & Ultra Beautiful with Sabine El hassan")

I now help Highly Sensitive Women:


To be a Leading woman, drawing a life you LOVE and that is YOU, having your cells light and transparent by washing away all traumas in all your cells.

-Soul Consciousness Readings

-Reprogramming your subconscious and traumas work



To feel so well in you and be so beautiful naturally, having all your cells and organs transparent and pure with plants, flowers and microbiome cares. 






Clairvoyant for Highly Sensitive women  
Gifted Expert of Clairvoyant Jessica Reid
Awarded a diploma Grade A S.N.H.S. Dip. Iridology
Awarded a diploma Grade A with distinction S.N.H.S. Dip. Pearls of Beauty: Plants 
Soulciété Ambassador on Reprogramming your subconscious mind with Dr. Erin Fall Haskell