Continuation of my story:


I experienced anorexia around my twenties and then parties, alcohol  to cope to my ultra sensitivity.  I got a severe eczema on all over my body and, I then felt in love with plants and flowers who softened my nerves and made my organs and systems completely pure again.  I started to overly doing inner work and met my friend Maria who helped me to bring back all my energies from all the people, places and situations through time and space so I can feel myself again and live a life for me.   


While doing a lot of inner work, I was a PA for English and American law firms in London.  I must say that little, I always had the feeling that once I will be an adult, I would be doing something so significant for me and, where I would be independent.  I understood my purpose while being a PA so I studied Iridology and Phytotherapy as a way for helping others to feel so well in their physical body and started an ongoing training the Realignment therapy first for me and, then to help others as well so they can develop a life they completely love.  



Ocean of love, 


Gifted Expert of Clairvoyant Jessica Reid
Awarded a diploma Grade A S.N.H.S. Dip. Iridology
Awarded a diploma Grade A with distinction S.N.H.S. Dip. Phytotherapy