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Continuation of my bio:


So, up to 14 years old I completed that task of my dad and my body became completely frozen and traumatised by this task up to 18 years.  I experienced a delay in my own path and that is why I always felt that I did not really live a life for me, little or teenager by doing what we do at these ages. 

From 19 to 27 years old, I was chosen by the beings of light to shift the collective's darkness, traumas and later karma which is really not realistic as this is too much.  So, I became a channel of light, this means that I was absorbing a lot of dark energies of others to relieve them and shift them through my body for them, however I know now that everyone has to do their own inner work as this is not fair for anyone who has the capacity in this life to shift more because they simply cannot live a life for them, but as well for the people we help as by working on their own self, they can take their power back, and develop a life they completely love.  

I had anorexia in my twenties and then a lot of parties and alcohol  to cope to my ultra sensitivity.  Later, I got a severe eczema on all over my body, all my body, my gut being so so inflamed. I felt in love with plants and flowers who softened my nerves and made my organs and systems completely pure again as well as my microbiome pure.  I started to release myself from all those agreements I had with the collective, soulmates... when I started new therapies who helped me to stop being a channel of light (stop doing the work for others) and bring back all my energies from all the people, places and situations, so I can feel myself again and finally develop a life for me that I completely love.   


Releasing myself from all of this has been the most significant thing I have ever done for me.  While doing that, I was a PA for English and American law firms in London.  I must say that little, I always had the feeling that once I will be an adult, I would be doing something so significant for me and this work is the most significant thing for me.  So while being a PA,  I studied Iridology and Phytotherapy in London as a way to help others to feel so well in their physical body and started an ongoing therapy first for me and, then to help others as well so they can develop a life they completely love.  


Ocean of love, 



Gifted Expert of Clairvoyant Jessica Reid
Awarded a diploma Grade A S.N.H.S. Dip. Iridology
Awarded a diploma Grade A with distinction S.N.H.S. Dip. Phytotherapy



Stretching and gymnastic helped me to feel free in my body again, releasing all.  

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