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All that you think of you and all the nutrients that you eat are reflected in your cells. Each cell of your body is linked, like the bioplasma at your conception, and each cell of your body reflects the whole. By looking into your irises we can see the state of your body.  For the consultation, please send me a photograph of your irises, label them right or left and send them to

I will prepare a book of care for you with my recommendations, click to see an example:

My recommendations are for up to 2 years as I give you all the plants formulas for your discomforts, so you find again your organs and systems pure

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Once clicked, you will see my calendar and you can choose a time and date for our skype consultation (90 minutes), you will after receive your little book of care. 



My Consultation of Phytotherapy alone:

have your cells and organs transparent, feel so well and be so beautiful naturally with plants and flowers 


If you are sensitive to all that is not natural, now we can soften and vanish all your discomforts.     



♡ make your organs and systems pure as you when a baby 

♡ make your intestinal tract completely pure so all nutrients can get absorb and they will make your constitution

♡ choosing natural nutrients and plants

♡ make your microbiome pure as it is your beauty cream

♡ feeling so well in each of your cell and be beautiful naturally

♡ sipping drinks pressed from petals so you nestle in the softness of the plants. 


Medicinal plants help you for: all inflammations, IBS, Crohn, indigestion, eczema, cysts and all discomforts.  Skin problems and all discomforts that you may have, come from an imbalance (hormonal, microbial in your gut, or a congestion that causes inflammation).  Inflammation, acidity and congestion are the cause of most of the discomforts so cleaning all acidity is so important from now to forever



Book your consultation of 90 minutes & receive your little book of care:



Once click you will see my calendar and you can choose a time & date for our consultation and you will receive your little book of care later.

Ocean of love, 


$ 155.00 USD

$ 100.00 USD

Jenny Thompson Northumberland, England:

My Iridology and Phytology consultation with Sabine illuminated really important aspects of my health and helped to confirm things; put my attention in the places it needed to go; and provide a useful perspective, as well as dietary and plant remedy suggestions. I was aware that cleansing my body would be useful in the back of my mind but did not fully realise how important it was. I think it was key that she emphasised this and put it into perspective when she revealed how much congestion has accumulated in my body due to my inability to process dairy properly- showing me the yellow areas in my irises that indicate this.

She also revealed to me through my irises that I had a pre-disposition for heart weaknesses, which explains the heart palpitations that I developed. She has given me suggestions for how to diminish these and I know I can heal this.

I love Sabine's perspective and her passion for realising your inner beauty- I think this is a big part of bringing more health and radiance to your body.

Sabine's consultation really helped provide a greater perspective on my health and I feel I have a better understanding now moving forwards on how to work through the health challenges I've been experiencing.