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I offer online Readings + healings, so we can know where you are in your journey, and help you to arrive to a complete transparency in you with who you are, address all the inner work that needs to be done to help you arrive to a life you completely love




♡ understand your soul lessons

♡ take your energy back from people, places and situations 

♡ develop a life you completely love and that is you in the Soul library you signed up for  

♡ release of body memories 

♡ develop your Clairs 

and so much more... 




New bookings are on hold, and will be back soon. Love ! Sabine

Click to book your online Reading + healing:

reading + healing
2 hours or a little bit more

   $ 150 USD

Readings are by skype & you will get a recording of your reading and a recording of your healing as a practice for you, so that you can listen it again .

Once booked you will be redirected to my calendar to book you in !
Ocean of Love,

Endorsement by Jessica Reid


Jessica Reid, Clairvoyant & Channel, Creator Of Gifted Experts


"Sabine has such a sweet, beautiful & pure energy, I felt so nurtured when connecting with her for a Reading. Sabine was able to tune into my questions and give me lovely insights from Spirit that touched my soul. I would especially recommend Sabine to anyone who feels they are ultra sensitive or empathic, As she is able to help you feel very aligned in your energy with a sense of empowerment!"


Amy Melissa, Ontario, Canada:

I went through a training program with Sabine, as well as having a reading done by her, and I can honestly say that she is an incredibly sensitive, gifted and aligned Soul.

She uses her intuitive gifts to help other ultra sensitive light-beings to understand the beauty and perfection of who they are, and how to exist on Earth.

Her reading for me was so accurate, and she was able to see me in my greatest potential. Sabine has such a beautiful heart and pure intentions for her clients, and I can’t recommend working with her highly enough!

Kellie Boyd, Melbourne, Australia:

My reading with Sabine gave me such clear and loving guidance.  She was able to tune in and give me insight articulating everything to me in her naturally nurturing and caring way.  She has such a gorgeous radiance about her and I felt really relaxed during our session.  I would recommend her to any girls wanting guidance and who are looking to step into their most beautiful and pure self.

Jessica Rose, USA:

Sabine was absolutely lovely to work with. From the moment we got on the call, I could feel her energy shining through.

She has such an inviting and positive spirit. The reading she did for me centered around a very difficult situation, and the information she told me brought me peace and understanding.

I loved working with Sabine and can’t wait to work with her again in the future!

Jess Sebastian, New Zealand:


Sabine has a gentle vibe which she embodies in her readings. This ethereal starseed gently shifts your pespective with her readings and brings a soft and loving persona while delivering powerful guidance. Thank you

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