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Imagine remembering your beauty, developing your Clairs and following your crystal path    

Prepare the questions closed to your heart, below are some of the points that can be accessed to for you:

♡ your personal ascension process 

♡ knowing in which soul library you are 
♡ feeling your soul lessons and soul tasks 

♡ got naturally your energy back from people, places and situations   

♡ release of body memories

♡ your Inner Child and remaining wounds to be taken care of 

♡ developing a life you absolutely love and that is you ♡ your crystal path in the 5D

♡ develop your Clairs
♡ become your Source of inner guidance

♡ arrive to your inner completion

♡ soul mates, twin flames (from a compatible space, new soul contract)

♡ soul waiting to become your Child/Children 

♡ your (new) Spirit guide from the Source 


Any other questions you may have ! 

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First time reading

90 minutes

Prepare up to10 questions you wish to ask

   $ 120 USD

Following reading only for previous soul clients

60 minutes

Prepare 5 questions you wish to ask

   $  80 USD

Readings are by skype & you will get a recording of your reading.

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Ocean of Love,


Endorsement by Jessica Reid


Jessica Reid, Clairvoyant & Channel, Creator Of Gifted Experts


"Sabine has such a sweet, beautiful & pure energy, I felt so nurtured when connecting with her for a Reading. Sabine was able to tune into my questions and give me lovely insights from Spirit that touched my soul. I would especially recommend Sabine to anyone who feels they are ultra sensitive or empathic, As she is able to help you feel very aligned in your energy with a sense of empowerment!"


Valene Evanciew, Rome, NY, USA:

The channeled guidance I received from Sabine was incredibly powerful. She tuned into my past lives and helped me understand the roles that I’ve played in previous lives, that keep me from showing up in the world as my most authentic expression.

She also tuned into my soul’s purpose and empowered me to trust in myself and my abilities as a leader. Everything she channeled for me resonated on such a deep level, and came from the most gentle and heart centered space.

Sabine is such a beautiful and gifted soul!


Amy Melissa, Ontario, Canada:

I went through a training program with Sabine, as well as having a reading done by her, and I can honestly say that she is an incredibly sensitive, gifted and aligned Soul.

She uses her intuitive gifts to help other ultra sensitive light-beings to understand the beauty and perfection of who they are, and how to exist on Earth.

Her reading for me was so accurate, and she was able to see me in my greatest potential. Sabine has such a beautiful heart and pure intentions for her clients, and I can’t recommend working with her highly enough!

Kellie Boyd, Melbourne, Australia:

My reading with Sabine gave me such clear and loving guidance.  She was able to tune in and give me insight articulating everything to me in her naturally nurturing and caring way.  She has such a gorgeous radiance about her and I felt really relaxed during our session.  I would recommend her to any girls wanting guidance and who are looking to step into their most beautiful and pure self.

Jessica Rose, USA:

Sabine was absolutely lovely to work with. From the moment we got on the call, I could feel her energy shining through.

She has such an inviting and positive spirit. The reading she did for me centered around a very difficult situation, and the information she told me brought me peace and understanding.

I loved working with Sabine and can’t wait to work with her again in the future!

Melanie Suraci, Vienna Virginia, USA: 

Sabine is a very gifted intuitive reader.

She is a gentle, sensitive soul that delivers very spot on readings, she provided me with so much clarity on the direction of my future.

Her readings are done with love and she helps you to see your inner beauty and gifts.

Jenny Thompson Northumberland, England:

Sabine's reading was really useful and put me in a place of greater understanding and reassurance about my path. In her explaining my Spirit Guides' reasoning and guidance in the realm of the timing for me moving out, it has helped me to see that there are many timelines and options available to me and to all of us, and that there are deeper underlying issues that will come forth in divine timing - so it's best to do things out of love rather than fear or making a rash decision.

Sabine has a beautiful way of putting things and I love that she sees things from a higher perspective. She truly knows and honours, from her own experience, the magic and beauty of everyone's individual journey through the trials and tribulations of Life.

Jess Sebastian, New Zealand:


Sabine has a gentle vibe which she embodies in her readings. This ethereal starseed gently shifts your pespective with her readings and brings a soft and loving persona while delivering powerful guidance. Thank you